Let PRS Handle Every Detail of Buying a Pharmacy


Buyer in Texas or Michigan

Pharmacist looking for a profitable pharmacy in the Greater Houston or Metro Detroit or their respective surrounding areas. I have experience as PIC and a deep understanding and appreciation for the value that independent pharmacies offer. Additionally, I have an MBA and experience working in corporate strategy. I am open to a partnership, but my preference would be an outright purchase. Motivated to move fast- financing ready.

Contact: Johnny at PharmacyBuyer2020@gmail.com

Buyer in Pennsylvania

Licensed pharmacist in Pennsylvania interested in buying a community pharmacy in Western Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh).

Contact: Andrew at andrewhelmy2@gmail.com

Buyer in Alabama

Pharmacist looking to buy a well-established pharmacy in Baldwin County Alabama. Pharmacist with pharmacy manager and independent pharmacy experience I have worked in and managed high-volume stores and can handle any volume along the spectrum. I also have business experience as I currently own another business that I manage. I have pre loan qualifications so just need the right store to move forward with my dream to own my own pharmacy

Contact: Michael at mmontgo4@samford.edu

Buyer in New York or New Jersey

I am a Pharmacist licensed in New York and New Jersey with 5 years of Pharmacy manager experience. Looking to purchase an existing profitable pharmacy with consistent cash flow in NY or NJ metro.

Contact: Sam at pharmacy8511@yahoo.com

Buyer in California

Pharmacist licensed in California with four years of pharmacy managing experience looking for an established profitable pharmacy in or near Monterey/Salinas, CA and South San Jose, CA areas.

Contact: : Jayen at jayen886@gmail.com

Buyer in Texas

Pharmacy manager looking for an independent pharmacy in or around San Antonio, TX. No financing needed. Can close quickly if everything (with state board and with insurances) is in good standing.

Contact: Sam at emailsre15@gmail.com

Buyer in Alabama

Motivated pharmacy owner expanding current retail practice in central/north Alabama. Looking to buy well-established store(s) filling at least 45,000 Rx annually.

Contact: Neil at rxbuyeral@gmail.com

Buyer in Illinois, other Midwest states

We are looking to buy pharmacy locations anywhere in the US but preferably in the Midwest. We are primarily looking for locations that do over $4M in revenue but are open to all offers.

Contact: Adonis at adonis@localhealth.io

Buyer in Missouri

I am a pharmacy student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City graduating in May 2020. Throughout APPEs or after graduation I would like to enter a Junior Partnership or Investment Group in order to own an independent pharmacy. Please contact me if you have any interest in mentoring me through this path. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact: Kayla at msm7f@mail.umkc.edu

Buyer in Nevada

We are looking for an independent pharmacy location in Nevada in good standing with the board of pharmacy. Will be able to close in Cash. No financing needed.

Contact Sam at emailsre15@gmail.com

Buyer in South Carolina

Pharmacist interested in a junior partnership in the upstate or midlands of South Carolina. My goal as a pharmacy owner would be to expand clinical services while maintaining a personal touch and connection with the community. Community involvement is very important to me.

Contact: Kelly at daviskelly816@gmail.com

Buyer in Multiple States (Washington and Oklahoma – Central US to West Coast)

We are a group of pharmacists and co-owners looking for opportunities to expand. We have experience acquiring stores in multiple states. Our experience has resulted in smooth transitions ensuring continued service in the respective communities and implementing change over time to be competitive in the changing pharmacy environment.

Contact: David at davidg@creativecarerx.com

Buyer in North Carolina

Pharmacist with 25+ years of retail pharmacy/operations experience looking for opportunity to buy or partner in an existing pharmacy in the Triangle or Eastern NC.
Contact: Brad at legenddrug@gmail.com

Buyer in California

CA licensed pharmacist looking for a pharmacy in Sacramento. Extra consideration given to a pharmacy near medical offices.

Contact: Sonya at sfrausto1975@gmail.com

Buyer in Ohio

Looking for a pharmacy with special niche or large prescription volume. Ready to work out a fair business deal in the shortest time frame.

Contact: Rick at rakman_98@yahoo.com

Buyer in Texas

Motivated buyer looking for a Texas pharmacy in one of the major cities, or at least option to relocate license.

Prefer a pharmacy w/PBM contracts intact and no pending sanctions, but willing to work with any issues.

Contact: Corey at ccrxs@outlook.com

Buyer in Texas

Pharmacy manager ready to purchase and provide undivided attention to your patients and your business. Looking at the Dallas metroplex and surrounding areas.

Contact: Michael at michaelcwillner@gmail.com.

Buyer in Illinois

Licensed pharmacist looking to purchase an independent pharmacy in Chicago area or the southwest suburbs.

Contact Mohammed at alahmmed@hotmail.com

Buyer in North Carolina

I am in search of an independent pharmacy owner around the Columbus/Brunswick/Robeson, NC areas that might be interested in a junior partnership with an eager, young pharmacist. A traditional buyout would not be off the table for the right business. Looking to make this happen in the next few years.

Contact: Dustin at mailto:drugpro85@gmail.com

Buyer in Indiana

Pharmacist with ownership experience seeks additional pharmacy locations in Indiana.

Contact: GarstRx@gmail.com

Buyer in Texas

Crimson Care Pharmacy Group was founded to ensure independently owned community pharmacies continue to survive and thrive in a changing healthcare environment that includes large-pharmacy chain expansion, buyouts, and customer demand for the latest technology. The most difficult hurdle for community pharmacies faced with the tough decision to sell can be finding the right buyer. Crimson Care believes that we can be the right fit for your business while maintaining the sense of community your customers desire. www.crimsoncarerx.com

Contact: Will at will@crimsoncarerx.com

Buyer in Illinois

Current pharmacy owner looking to expand by acquiring locations for sale in Illinois.

Contact: Bassel at bjoudeh1@gmail.com

Buyer in South Carolina

Buyer with 10 years of pharmacy experience looking for a location in South Carolina.

Contact: Joshua at joshuaallen23@gmail.com

Buyer in California

Licensed pharmacist looking to purchase profitable, established pharmacy in or around Los Angeles, preferably with compounding equipment. Buyer is familiar with long-term care facility requirements.

Contact: Arsen at (818) 203-7779

Buyer in Texas

Pharmacist with experience being a PIC. Looking to purchase a pharmacy in Houston, Texas or surrounding area. Would consider partnership.

Contact Carlos at irulace@gmail.com

Buyer in Texas and Colorado

Multiple-location independent pharmacy operator willing to buy a pharmacy in the Austin-San Antonio, Texas and Denver, Colorado areas. No financing will be needed and willing to close fast. Thanks!!

Contact Sam at emailsre15@gmail.com

Buyer in Ohio

Pharmacist looking to buy in the Toledo, Ohio area. 14 years in pharmacy 7 years as retail manager.
Contact: Greg at krampgreg@gmail.com

Buyer in Multiple States

Pharmacist looking for stores to buy in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.
Contact: Nehal at nehalpatel20@gmail.com

Buyer in Nevada

Motivated pharmacist with 5 years’ experience looking to buy a pharmacy in the Henderson or Las Vegas, NV area. Previous compounding experience.

Contact: Chris at kennedcj@gmail.com

Buyer in New Jersey

I am an experienced retail pharmacist (20+ years) looking to purchase a small to medium sized pharmacy in Bergen, Hudson, or Passaic counties.

Contact: Denise at 201-294-3074

Buyer in Multiple States

Looking to purchase retail community pharmacies in Western or Eastern PA, Eastern or Southern MD, Washington D.C., Northern VA, NC, SC, Northern FL

Contact: Mike at mike@redwindllc.com

Buyer in Iowa or Minnesota

Pharmacist licensed in IA, Il, MN, and WI, with a respect for rural practice and extensive 340B experience on the provider side, is looking to buy a rural pharmacy in Iowa or Minnesota with an in place 340B agreement with a rural health clinic or critical access hospital in the same community. Prescription volume of at least 25K annually would be a plus. No competition for 20 miles would be even better!

Contact: Evan at ebvarga@yahoo.com

Buyer in Florida

We are currently looking to expand business by purchasing a pharmacy. Open to other locations nationwide, and seeking a turn-key operation with all licenses in good standings and all PBM contracts in place.

Contact: Chris at cput688@gmail.com

Buyer in Georgia

Pharmacist with compounding and PIC experience looking for a compounding pharmacy in Georgia.

Contact: Karen at pharmd.jacobs@gmail.com

Buyer in Kansas

Pharmacist looking to buy an independent pharmacy with cash, in either Missouri or Kansas. If the pharmacy also has a wholesaler license, it will be a BIG plus. Thanks!

Contact: George at gaogehk@ymail.com

Buyer in Oklahoma

Single-store owner looking to expand, offering a seller two options:

  1. We buy your pharmacy outright.
  2. We buy a portion of your pharmacy, allowing you to cash out a little while, probably continuing to make the same amount of money. Most pharmacies operate at 3-4% net margins. We are well above 10% so, in the scenario that we purchase 1/2 of your store for instance, implement specific changes that will increase business and margins then you could bring home the same earnings or possibly even more while cashing in up front and still co-owning and running your pharmacy. Basically, if we were to buy half your store, but double your margins, you make the same amount of money as you did when you owned the entire store and you were able to cash in with a lump sum from the partial sale. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, we feel we’ve found the formula and our financials prove it. We are in Oklahoma and would like to extend this offer to a pharmacy in the region.

Contact: Matt at 970-270-7929

Buyer in North Carolina

Pharmacist with 15+ years of experience in retail is ready to buy a pharmacy in the triangle and surrounding areas of NC. May also be interested in a partnership.

Contact: Mitch at 919-977-7685

Buyer in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho or other nearby state

Young highly motivated pharmacist looking to purchase or junior partner with an existing pharmacy or start a new pharmacy! 6 years of independent pharmacy experience, compounding, hospital, 340b, and more!

Contact: Colt at coltdarleypharm@gmail.com

Buyer in Texas

Pharmacist with 10 years of experience being a PIC including two years as PIC at an independent pharmacy. Looking for a 100% stock purchase of a pharmacy in Texas, preference is for a store in Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio.

Contact: Charles at 281-685-7279

Buyer in Nevada

Pharmacist with over 10 years of experience in both clinical and retail settings looking to purchase an independent pharmacy in the Las Vegas Valley/Henderson

Contact: Dritan at dritancurri@gmail.com

Buyer in Kentucky

I own an independent pharmacy that has been in business for 50 years. Now we are looking for opportunities to expand in other Kentucky markets without competing against our fellow independents.

Contact: David at 502-407-4101

Buyer in Texas

Current owner pharmacist looking to expand business in the Dallas, Texas area. Looking to purchase pharmacies within an hour of the Dallas metroplex.

Contact: Will at willdouglas@outlook.com

Buyer in Ohio

Pharmacist looking for a pharmacy to buy in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Contact: Brian at brian.phillips.rph@gmail.com

Buyer in Alabama

Healthcare management company and currently own 8 pharmacies in 3 states and is looking to
expand to Alabama. Prefer a purchase price under $1M.

Contact: Eric at ericn@medoc-llc.com

Buyer in Texas

Owner/pharmacist looking to expand operations to multiple locations throughout the DFW area. Would prefer northern part of metroplex, but willing to consider within 50 miles of Denton, TX.

Contact: Brandon at brandon.allen1022@gmail.com

Buyer in Pennsylvania

Buyer looking to purchase a retail pharmacy in Philadelphia, PA. Also looking for an experienced Pharmacist/Business Partner to partake in the running of this pharmacy. Prices and payment arrangements may be discussed in detail over the phone or in person as everyone’s circumstance are different.

Contact: Cindy at 267-406-8111

Buyer in Texas

Pharmacist buyer seeking a pharmacy in Austin or surrounding areas. Interested in buying outright or junior partner transition.

Contact: Caroline at cashiro25@gmail.com

Buyer in Ohio

Buyer seeking an opportunity to buy a patient-oriented pharmacy catering to the needs of the community in Cleveland area.

Contact: Bridgitte at bmr01849@sjfc.edu

Buyer in Florida

Looking for a pharmacy for sale in the South Florida Region preferably in Palm Beach County. Open to consideration for other locations. Over 18 years’ experience as a Pharmacy Manager. Please contact me if you are interested in selling. Thank you.

Contact: John at jmalek75@gmail.com

Buyer in Texas

Looking to purchase a pharmacy in Texas, preferably around Houston, Austin, San Antonio area.

Contact: Kunal at knprx2@gmail.com

Buyer in Missouri

Pharmacist with 6 years management experience looking to purchase a pharmacy in the Kansas City Metro area.

Contact: Tony at tonycaracci@hotmail.com

Buyer in Washington

Looking to purchase a pharmacy (closed door, compounding, or retail) in Washington state, preferably around Seattle area.

Contact: Anton at anton@mercermed.com

Buyer in Virginia

Licensed pharmacist of 2 years, 1 year as pharmacy manager, interested in entering in a Junior Partnership in the DMV area. Please email me if you are interested.

Contact: Jonathan at jlee21891@gmail.com

Buyer in Multiple States — MD, VA, WV, PA

Looking to purchase an established pharmacy in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Contact: cg-bonner@comcast.net

Buyer in North Carolina

I am looking for a partnership or immediate ownership opportunity in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

Contact: Sheng at shengyaj@hotmail.com.

Buyer in Arizona; other states case-by-case

Young motivated individual looking to purchase a successful pharmacy (preferably compounding) for under $3million. I would prefer if the pharmacy is located in Arizona, but willing to relocate anywhere in the US for the right opportunity.

Contact: John at compounding1pharmacy@gmail.com

Buyer in Pennsylvania

Owner in central PA looking for new opportunities to purchase established retail community pharmacies.

Contact: Stephanie Smith Cooney at smithcooney@gmail.com

Buyer in Oregon and Washington

Looking for retail and / or closed door pharmacy in Oregon or Southern Washington.

Contact: Vittal at 541-337-6314

Buyer in Kentucky and Middle Tennessee

I am currently looking for the opportunity to purchase one or more existing pharmacies. I am located in the Kentucky/Middle Tennessee area but would be willing to relocate depending on the opportunity. I have been actively seeking ownership for a couple years now and feel very passionate about independent pharmacy. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail or phone if you are interested in selling or know someone who might be. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Contact: Kyle at 931-237-5699

Buyer in Suffolk County, New York

Looking for established pharmacy for sale in Suffolk County, NY. Will consider any size or volume store and have the ability to purchase in full outright or over time (Junior Partnership).

Contact: Daniel at pharmerd85@gmail.com

Buyer in North or South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, or Maryland

I am interested in doing a Junior Partnership or Owner Financed Pharmacy buy out in North or South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, or Maryland. Please email me if you are interested in selling your pharmacy.

Contact: Sherica at wsherica@gmail.com

Buyer in New Jersey

Pharmacist looking to buy a store with medium to high volume in New Jersey (anywhere) and metro New York City.
Contact: Dominick at dominickzinna@gmail.com

Buyer in Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Ohio

Pharmacist looking to buyout a pharmacy in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio. Particularly interested in an opportunity for minority shareholder or incremental buyout (junior partnership) with a seller who wants to remain in the business for a few years yet.

Contact: Kristoffer Werhnyak at duqyak@gmail.com

Buyer in Maryland

Looking for an established pharmacy for sale. It is great if the pharmacy has a niche; if not, that’s OK too. The store should be located within about 70 miles from Baltimore city. Buyer can also buy majority of shares with an employment contract and keep the seller on board if possible.

Contact: Saleem Shah at (954) 288-5257